like numbers


Things are often better described by words than by numbers. Mathematical modeling can bridge between words and numbers, between facts and interpretations. It is nice to inspire as many as possible to use the numbers with as few assumptions as possible. Let the models reflect the reality and not the mind of the person doing the modeling.

The sport of data modeling is fun and interesting. When it is done well, it means reliable descriptions and predictions, and it means better understanding as well as money in the pocket for all of the parties involved. Therefore, it should be done with with care.


Data represent quantitative as well as qualitative information that can be turned into economic value. The value of the numbers should not be thrown away, especially not by using poor modeling techniques. There is no universal tool for all kinds of data. Algorithmic designs for optimizing speed, numerical accuracy, or predictive ability are different. Especially when latency and speed is important, dedicated approaches become necessary.


Digital photos and videos are have a lot of mathematics and algorithms hidden inside. The data in the pictures are modeled, compressed, and the original is predicted during playback. Leaving the modeling behind and focusing on the information and the content instead, video editing is taking the numbers all the way to conveying messages in one of its finest forms.

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